Best Cloth Styles for Overweight Ladies



Lots of girls are having a problem being overweight. Therefore, we have dedicated this lesson especially for you to learn how to wear clothes that suit your body size. We will show you many tips to hide your body’s defaults and look slimmer with examples for overweight cloth styles.


Firstly: How to show a slimmer upper body for overweight women

Highlight your beauty: If you are having an overweight problem in your upper part more than the lower, you should focus on drawing the attention down there by wearing colorful pants with a dark blouse. On the other hand, if your lower part is chubbier, wear a colorful blouse to draw the attention with solid black pants.

Prints: Avoid wearing side-striped clothes, as they simply make you look chubbier. Other prints may help you to draw attention away from undesirable parts, i.e. if you want to hide your pot belly, wear small dotted pants with a black top.

How to stand: Many of overweight ladies tend to walk hunched, as they try to hide their weight. Once the back is straightened and the chin is raised you will look like you have lost some weight.

Sparkled fabric: you should avoid bright fabrics; such as glittery, leather and satin clothes as they reflect light. This would make you look bigger than you really are.

Chubby ladies clothes, Corset: It is indispensable even for Hollywood stars, specially the chubby ones like Kim Kardashian. The Corset would slim and tighten up flabby areas.

– Avoid choosing high collar shirts or Blouses, whilst V cut style suits you best.

– Make sure that your Coat or jacket are reaching the hips and cover all the defects in your waist, abdomen, hips, and booty.

Avoid wearing over baggy clothes: some women think that wearing baggy clothes is the best way to hide their body defects. But in fact, they make you look chubbier. Also keep in mind not to buy very tight clothes that highlight the hips in an unpleasant way. Women should wear clothes that fit exactly their bodies.

– Avoid wearing light fabrics as they show your body defects, as they stick to the body and outline its shape. Choose cotton fabrics for example as one of heavy fabrics. You should also avoid smooth fabrics such as silk, lycra and Jersey.

– Avoid bright or neon colors and use basic and dark colors like black, gray, burble, brown, and dark blue. These colors would cover your body defects. (You can use our automatic coordination tool on our website here to help you in coordinating these colors perfectly).

– If you have a pot belly, then baggy Blouses would help you to cover this defect.

– If you put a scarf, make sure that it is made of light fabric, and put it dangling vertically.


Secondly: how to make the overweight ladies’ lower part of the body looks slimmer

– make sure to avoid buying skirts of very high waist or very low waist. They both would highlight your body defects and the overweight. It is better to buy skirts with middle waist between high and low ones.

– It is better to choose slim cut skirts with no additional details when you buy long skirts. As casual and baggy skirts would make you look shorter rather than taller.



– If you want to draw the attention away from your chubby places you should consider these tips. For example, don’t wear printed pants or with baggy side pockets if you have wide hips. Choose dark colored pants with the style that suits your body shape and wear simple accessories around your nick.

– Avoid big accessories as they increase the volume.

– Also avoid carrying big hand bags as it make you look bigger.

Pictures of overweight women

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