Look Like Wealthy even you are not | how to dress like rich woman
Look Like Wealthy even you are not | how to dress like rich woman


How many times you saw someone and said to yourself that she seems wealthy. Although you don’t know her, but you judge her social level just by her appearance! On the other hand, how many girls do you know that seem to be poor although they always go shopping from costly shops? Yes indeed, your look gives the first impression to people surrounding you regardless your social level. Our website team presents some tips to make you look expensive / rich woman even if you are not.

How to look rich- a touch of elegance is better than lots of cheesy:

If you have a limited budget and want to have a different and refreshing look, don’t ever decide to buy lots of cheap pieces instead of buying little expensive ones. Buy one or two special and elegant pieces. And next time you go shopping, buy another one or two pieces. By the time all of your clothes will be remarkable and elegant, rather than you finally find yourself having many worthless outfits.

How to dress like rich woman – Buy some Brands during the SALE:

If your budget allows you to do that, wait for the sale on cloths (Late winter/summer or occasions, offers and discounts) Buy a piece or two from different Brands and coordinate them with inexpensive outfits but look valuable.

Cleanliness: Always make sure that your clothes are clean and ironed, your shoes are shiny, and your bag is clean. Be shining and look rich!

You can sew your clothes and have a unique and remarkable style:

Being remarkable is great and provides more elegance. Try to search for models that have a new and different style then make them at a trusted and talented tailor.

Bag and Shoes: These are the most important elements for you to look expensive, so choose them carefully. You can buy only 3 bags with neutral colors (Neutral colors are: white, black, havan, gray, beige), the same thing for shoes and wearing them with all outfits. But it is important that they look elegant and wealthy.(don’t miss our article Give your plain bag the colors of your outfit)

Accessories: Buy classy and simple accessories and keep away from noisy ones, as classy accessories add to your look more elegance and individuation.

Simple Make-up: If you have any defects in your skin or it is stressed out, you have to put on a nice simple make-up to avoid being look stressed and withered. There is no need for bright make-up colors, just a little bit of foundations and mascara with a lip stick that matches the color of your lips or slightly darker would be enough.

Take care of your nails: just get pedicure to make them look good.

Learn about etiquette: That is the most important thing that makes you look expensive.

Color coordination: This is the most important step. Without it everything would be worthless and unattractive. It is clearly obvious that our site has solved your problem about how to dress like rich woman, and now you know how to coordinate your clothes automatically with one click…Visit our Clothes uniformity Division by CLICKING HERE and discover it yourself.