Innovative ways to loosen tight clothes



Have you ever bought some amazing clothes and then gained weight? Or have you bought clothes online and were surprised then that they are tight, do not fit your weight and couldn’t manage returning them to the seller? Or maybe you wanted to change your clothing style and wear loose clothes, but it came to your mind that you had to change everything in your wardrobe with brand new loose clothes? Forget all this dilemma! You can now easily loosen your tight clothes.

The “” team is always keen on teaching users how to make the best use of what they have in their locker. That not only saves you hard-earned money, but also contributes to your always-brilliant appearance, and enhances your self-confidence. Today, we brought you an innovative way to loosen the tight clothes in your closet. In fact, one of the advantages of these methods is that you can not only loosen the clothes but also change their shape completely making you feel as if you just came back from a shopping spree with all these new clothes.


First: ideas for loosening blouses, t-shirts, and shirts:

This can be done using one of the following methods:

(Note: Refer to a tailor, do not try to adjust it yourself to avoid any damage)


1- Make a slit in the middle of the back or in one side and add a cloth patch whose colors and shape match the texture of the piece to be loosened to get the following beautiful shape:

 3- You can also add some straps for an even better look and more control over the measurement

3- It is also possible to make an slit from the front, adding any fabric or lace as follows:

Second: Ideas for loosening pants and tight shorts:

To alter clothing sizes, you can use one the following methods (Note: Refer to a tailor, do not try to adjust it yourself to avoid any damage)

1- Make an slit on the sides of the pants and put a piece of fabric or loosen (just as we did in the previous method)

2- Add some straps, if you seek to enjoy a more feminine look inside your home

Third: Ideas for loosening tight dresses:

  1. To loosen the tight dresses, you can make an slit in the middle and add a piece of fabric as follows:

2. If your clothes are plain, you can insert a multi-colored piece to give your dress a sparkling effect as follows:

3. An innovative way to loosen dresses as well

4. How about a more gentle look by making an slit on the side and adding a thin bow on the top as follows:

5. To alter clothing sizes, you can loosen them by slitting the side and adding an appropriate piece of fabric as follows:

Fourth: How to insert two tight pieces to obtain a new loose one:


Fifth: ideas for loosening skirts :

  1. By making an slit in the middle and adding the fabric as shown in the picture

2. By making evenly spaced slits and adding the fabric in each of these slits as follows

To alter clothing sizes you can also refer to our article various ways to lengthen short clothes.

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