suitable clothes for the Pear body shape

The pear body shape is characterized by small shoulders, a small chest, and a relatively thin waist with wide buttocks. The secret in choosing the appropriate clothes for the pear body lies in highlighting the upper part of the body and creating some sort of consistency between it and the lower half, all while taking advantage of the thin waist.


But how do we highlight the upper part of the pear body?

Here are some tricks by which you can draw attention to the upper body so that your body looks smooth and perfect:

Choose light colors and patterned clothes: Naturally, light and patterned colors attract more attention than dark colors, as they make the body size seem a little larger than it is, and this is exactly what we want.

Padded bras: It is recommended to wear padded or push-up bra to enlarge the chest area and make it consistent with the lower part of the pear body.

Stay away from tight blouses: When choosing blouses, stay away from the tight ones, as they draw attention to the small size of the upper part of the body compared to its lower part.

Choose clothes with loose sleeves: It is preferable to wear shirts and blouses with loose sleeves with cornice and layers as they add size to the arms. You should however take into account choosing the appropriate length.

Choose blouses of appropriate length: Always look for blouses of appropriate length, including blouses that reach the hips and hide them partially. Also, your body will look balanced if you wear many layers on top. Wide, pointed and ruffled shoulders suit you very well.

As for the fabrics best suited to the pear body shape: Consistent fabrics are preferred such as soft cotton and heavy chiffon. You should avoid very soft fabrics that drop heavily on the body like jersey, because they will define your waist, which makes the buttocks appear wider. You should also avoid horizontally striped fabrics at the buttocks area as they will have a negative impact.

Finding a suitable neckline: Always be careful when purchasing to choose clothes with a square neck or an inverted-triangle neck because they give the shoulders a wider aspect.


How do you get curvy buttocks in the pear body shape:

Choose dark colors: It is known that dark colors make the fuller parts of the body appear smaller as they do not draw attention to these places as do light and bright colors.

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Choosing the right pants: The best option for the pear body is straight pants, especially when wearing them with the suitable blouses and shirts as we mentioned above. Stay away from tight pants as they focus on the rear and avoid stretch trousers. You can wear pants of equal width or slightly looser at the leg or ankle.

Choosing the right skirts: Definitely avoid wearing tight skirts as they highlight the buttocks. Just choose loose skirts, they suit the pear body and make sure that they’re of one unified color or with vertical stripes.

Avoid wearing pants with motifs at the back or hips

Pear body dresses: The best pear body dresses are those that focus on the waist’s circumference. Try to avoid tight dresses that highlight the hips, they’re not the right choice for you.


Pear body suitable accessories:

Choosing the right necklaces: You can choose decorative necklaces that draw attention to the upper half of your body .. Hence, choose collars that add width to the neck and shoulders, as they highlight the upper part of the body

Choosing the right shoes: shoes with heels are an ideal choice for women who have a pear bodies, as they add height to the body and give it a more elegant look.

Choose the appropriate scarf: the scarf draws attention to the upper part of the body as it gives it some volume, and the best suited scarves for the pear body are circular scarves.

And do not forget to always make sure to follow a diet suitable for the pear body so that the gap between the size of the upper part and the lower part does not grow.


Examples of pear body clothing:

These are some examples that clarify the points mentioned above


الملابس المناسبة ل الجسم الكمثري

إكسسوارات الجسم الكمثري

ملابس جامعة ل الجسم الكمثري

فساتين تناسب جسم الكمثرى - الجسم الكمثري

لوك الجسم الكمثري

ملابس مناسبة لصاحبات الجسم الكمثري

ملابس مناسبة لصاحبات الجسم الكمثري

ملابس مناسبة لصاحبات الجسم الكمثري

ملابس الجسم الكمثري

ملابس مناسبة لصاحبات الجسم الكمثري

جواكيت الجسم الكمثري

ملابس مناسبة لصاحبات الجسم الكمثري

ملابس مناسبة لصاحبات الجسم الكمثري

الجسم الكمثري

dresses suitable for the pear body shape:

فساتين تناسب جسم الكمثرى - الجسم الكمثري

فساتين تناسب جسم الكمثرى - الجسم الكمثري

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