The right clothes for the hourglass body shape with pictures

Hourglass body shape specifications

The Hourglass body shape is one of the most beautiful body forms. It is distinguished by the approximate size of the shoulders and hips, a narrow waist and slightly rounded thighs. In this article, we will share with you all the tips to dress appropriately if you are blessed with an Hourglass body shape, illustrating it all with pictures.

Suitable upper body clothing

– Choose short jackets, preferably a bit over the hips

– Choose an appropriate size, as a larger one may reveal an overweight, and a narrower measurement may overly highlight the fuller areas of your body.

– Avoid wearing outfits containing many details, such as cornice and ruffles, as they add an extra volume to your body

-V-neck garments make you look slender

-Dresses are items that are suitable for the hourglass body shape, because they need harmonic curves. Go for loose dresses, but wear a belt at the waist, or wear dresses with fluffy skirts from the waist down or Empire dresses too.

– When wearing a loose jacket or blouse, it is best to add a belt to the waist (you can refer to our article on how to put on your belt in twenty different ways)

– When wearing two different colors, it is best to wear a dark color on the bottom and a light color on the upper part

-Keep your belts dark and wide, as they help to show you thinner and protrude your waist

– Avoid fluffy sleeves from the top, as they make the shoulders look larger and do not show your grace. If you want to wear them, wear them with loose clothes at the bottom, and buckle your waist.

-For those with a full chest, it is preferable to avoid wearing tops containing many details on the chest such as pockets, embroidery, large accessories and studs.

Clothes suitable for the lower body

-Avoid skirts with large pockets and ruffles on both sides. This design adds more volume to the buttocks and makes your body look inconsistent.

-High waist skirts fit the hourglass body shape, as they showcase the waist area and extend wider as they go down, giving you a more slender look.

-When choosing jeans, choose darker shades, and avoid pants that have two shades where the lighter shade is on the thighs, because they give your thighs a larger aspect.

– Skirts are better than pants, as they look more feminine. However, tight ones showcase thighs to be larger. Street skirts or pencil skirts or the A-shaped skirt are all suitable for the hourglass body shape because they give the body a consistent look, especially in dark colors. High-waist skirts are also great, they make you buttocks look more slender, but avoid cornices or large pockets with ruffles on both sides because they give a larger aspect to the buttocks, which makes your body seem inconsistent.

– It is always preferred to wear high heels as they highlight the body consistency of the hourglass. You can also wear any type of shoes. Always wear a belt to highlight the waist area.

Follow all these tips and do not forget to try the automatic clothes coordination tool on our website here.

Pictures of suitable clothes for the hourglass body shape:

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