How to choose best hijab styles that suits for your face shape

Here in we always care about making you fashion and beauty icon. Since hijab styles have made a huge difference in our look, we collected some tips about how to choose hijab styles that suit your face shape to enhance its beauty and glamour.


Hijab styles for round- shaped face:

Round- shaped face has chunky cheeks and his length and width are equal. For choosing the right hijab style for it, it’s recommended not to wear bandanas that hide part of the forehead, Being tight for itself and that might highlight the circular shape of the face. It’s also advisable not to tighten the veil around the face, as this would make the cheeks puffier.

Make sure that the veil is circled starting from hair line as it go by the cheeks in a loose way to make the face look oval.

لفات حجاب


Hijab styles for square- shaped face:

Square- shaped face is marked by its wide forehead and pointed jaws. If your face has the same shape, it’s recommended not to get the veil under the chin and pull it back in a way that shows the intensity of the jaw bones. It’s also preferred to keep away from Turkish veil styles as they give the face a triangle shape which makes it have a masculine look. Instead, just wrap the veil softly around the face while covering the sides of the jaw to give your face more circular shape. You can wear a bandana under the veil to give your forehead a little circular shape with paying attention that it should end at the hair line without hiding a big part of the forehead


Hijab styles for Rectangular- shaped face:

All what you have to do while putting the veil around rectangular- shaped face is trying to reduce its long look by wearing a bandana beneath the veil and pulling it forward a little bit to hide part of the forehead. Also care for pointing out faces checks and creating multi-layers along the sides of the face to create a bit of breadth or width for the face. Permanently avoid wrapping thick layers of veils around the forehead or the neck as it would make the face look longer.


Hijab styles for heart-shaped face (inverted triangle):

If your face has the same shape, then you have a wide forehead and slim and pointed chin. Here, it would be preferable to fold the edges of the veil around the forehead in a triangular shape so it covers both of it sides like Turkish veil styles to create balance between facial features and show them in the perfect way.


Hijab styles for Oval -shaped face:

This is considered to be one of the most prefect shapes of the face. You can go for numerous styles unconditionally.

لفات حجاب

This picture summarizes all the above.

لفات حجاب

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