Look Shorter with Clothes? | Tips to look shorter
Look Shorter with Clothes? | Tips to look shorter

Some ladies wish to look shorter for many reasons; among them not being excessively tall for men or being bullied and for many other reasons. They wonder how to make myself look shorter? So, we are introducing some optical illusion that you can make with clothes to shorten your tall look.

Firstly: Use clothes with horizontal strips to look shorter:

Never wear clothes with vertical strips; as they make you look taller. But rather you should wear clothes with horizontal strips as they make you look shorter.

horizontal strips to look shorter

Use horizontal strips to look shorter

Secondly: Use printed clothes to look shorter

Avoid wearing solid colors and replace them with printed and colorful clothes.

printed clothes to look shorter

Use printed clothes to look shorter

Thirdly: How I use belts look shorter?

Chunky belts are great for tall girls; since it divides the straight line of the body and make you look shorter.


How I use belts look shorter

Notice: It is not recommend for tall girls to wear jumpsuits or dresses unless you put on a chunky belt as they extend the body shape and make it looks taller.

Fifthly: choose the right blouse that makes you look shorter:

Try to choose long blouses that cover most the length of your legs as they don’t show how tall they are and make you look shorter.

right blouse to look shorter

Sixthly: Wear the right shoes:

It stands to reason that wearing flat shoes or sandals or sneakers wouldn’t add more height to you.

Seventhly: Wear multi-layered clothes.

If you want to look shorter, focus on shortening the legs shape and choosing long pieces of clothes. So, you should always adopt cardigans, coats, long jackets, or kimonos in your style to have the final look that covers most of your legs length. Because multi-layered clothes distract the attention and make you look shorter.

Eighthly: Choose clothes that suit your body shape like baggy clothes, and avoid slim fits as they highlight your height.

Ninth: Bags

It is recommended to carry big hand bags rather than small ones.

Tenthly: Use hair style to look shorter:

Never get your hair in high styles, this would increase your height and makes you look even taller than you really are. So, it is better to keep it down or adopt hair styles that don’t require lifting it up.

How can I look shorter – Other Tips:

  • Avoid being slim and gain some weight to have a perfect body shape. Ideal weight and curvy body shape would make tall women more attractive and beautiful.
  • Try to make friendships with those who are as tall as you. Standing beside short or average height people would make you look taller or actually would make you look very tall.

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