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Capsule Wardrobe Outfits | casual wardrobe capsule


You don’t have to spend your last penny on clothes to enjoy different looks. You can easily form plenty of distinctive and fantastic outfits at the lowest cost, just by piecing your clothes together from a fascinating collection you can easily assemble. Thinking about it, your wardrobe is full of valuable and varied clothes, and with a couple of targeted additions you’ll have to make, you’ll have a fabulous collection at your disposal, and let us guide you to make the best use of it. Streamline your wardrobe and streamline your life by sorting capsule wardrobe outfits.

On this topic, we will cover two sets of clothing items through which you can form multiple outfits as if you are wearing new clothes every day.

 casual wardrobe capsule ideas – the first group:

All you have to do is buy the following clothing items. You will be able to form more than 15 sets and you will appear in a new and different shape every time you step out of your door. What distinguishes this group is that it contains the basic items everyone has in their wardrobe. Hence, if you want to buy new clothes, you can easily match these pieces with them because their colors are compatible with almost all colors.

Contents of the first group: gray skirts / white t-shirt / jeans / white striped t-shirt / black jacket / white shirt / gray vest / jeans shirt / black trousers / check shirt / white pullover / black pullover / beige jacket / beige cardigan / white trousers





 Clothing sets that can be formed from previous clothes:

Vests is one of the most elegant pieces of clothing, they add a distinctive youthful touch, as you can wear them with white shirts and add a scarf for a unique appearance. it will be a perfect addition to your casual wardrobe capsule.


And you can wear your jeans shirt to enjoy this youthful appearance –


You can also get a formal look by wearing a vest with a check shirt and simple accessories.


Beige cardigans enable you to roll with many different styles such as wearing a pullover or a black undergarment under the cardigan. As mentioned earlier, do not forget the accessories to add a stylish notch to your outfit


These simple and appropriate capsule wardrobe outfits can be worn for a business day or university day. Bear in mind that wearing tiger scarves adds an elegant touch to this outfit, distinguishing it even further.

wardrobe capsule


Another style with beige cardigan, but with a white shirt, jeans and a large necklace for a youthful look.



The striped T-shirt again, but this time with different items to make the most of all your clothes


Gorgeous beige cardigan in elegant formal style

The black leather jacket comes with a variety of options; you can wear it with a black sweater, gray skirt, and high-heeled shoes for a unique formal look.


You can also replace the jacket with a long coat to get another outfit suitable for formal occasions

wardrobe capsule ideas

Wear the amazing leather jacket with an off-white pullover, black trousers, tiger scarf, and high neck boot for a distinctive winter look.

capsule wardrobe outfits

Or, you can wear a white T-shirt instead of a pullover with shoes

outfits for capsule wardrobe

A youthful style as striped T-shirts are one of the most popular pieces of clothing this year, and you can wear them with many items

capsule wardrobe

And use your amazing leather jacket to get a very impressive look by wearing a striped t-shirt and gray skirt and do not forget this beautiful scarf to freshen your outfit

ideas for capsule wardrobe

The white striped T-shirt, with a long coat and check scarf,to get a very elegant look

capsule wardrobe ideas

Clothing sets at the lowest costs – the second group

Here is a bigger challenge with a limited number of clothing items, it is the the cheapest casual wardrobe capsule – only 10 pieces – to form 15 different outfits. All these pieces are also of neutral colors, which allows you luxury to insert them with any other items that you buy in the future.

Contents of the second group (as shown in the picture below): white striped T-shirt / white blouse / check shirt / scarf / white vest / gray cardigan / havan boot / beige boot / jeans / olive pants / black trousers / havan sweater / pink blouse

casual wardrobe capsule

Capsule wardrobe outfits that can be formed from the previous clothing items

Capsule Wardrobe Outfits


For more collections see Few Clothes, Many Outfits- Part 2

And never forget using our automatic clothes coordination tool to get more than one different look, using the garments you have in your own wardrobe.

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