Few Clothes, Many Outfits, Minimal Cost – Part 2


From now on, you will not need to pay more money in order to renew your looks and appear in a different and elegant outfit every time. Now, you can manage your capsule wardrobe outfits while sticking with your minimum budget.  Through this article, we will be sharing with you a set of low-cost clothing items that once you own, you’ll be able to combine more than 20 different sets.

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Low cost clothes – the first group

This set consists of 20 different items. Once you get them in your closet, you’ll be enjoying a new unique and different appearance for the next 21 days. Yes, 20 items for 21 different sets!

Shopping list for the first group

Clothes at the lowest prices:

Bags: black bag and olive bag / shoes: black ballerina, black boots, beige ballerina, havan shoe / pants: black trousers, yellow trousers, floral trousers, jeans (make sure that your trousers are always loose so that your style does not contradict God’s will) / Other Pieces: White Shirt, Beige Cardigan, Gray Blouse, Black Blouse, Burgundy Blouse, Havan Jacket, Burgundy Keffiyeh, Black Keffiyeh, Burgundy Dotted Dress, Black skirt

Here is a photo of the items mentioned in the shopping list with ways to combine them in innovative and different ways:

capsule wardrobe outfits

Casual wardrobe capsule ideas – Clothes at the lowest cost – the second group:


What distinguishes this group is that all its colors are neutral, which enables you to insert any item of it with any other items you purchase in the future, in addition to the outfits you’ll be discovering now.

This group consists of 15 items of clothing that enable you to form more than 18 different outfits, giving you a new look every day for 18 days!!!

Casual wardrobe capsule ideas – Shopping list for the second group

Clothes at the lowest prices:

Black blazer – black paddy – brown cardigan – white blouse – white striped blouse in black – white cardigan – gray dress – jeans – black trousers – gray paddy – black bag – white trousers – black boots

Here is a picture of the clothing items mentioned in the second group shopping list with ways to combine them for unique and innovative outfits:

capsule wardrobe outfits

Using these tips, you will be able to stand in the face of exorbitant prices without sacrificing your elegance, and keeping your unique appearance.

If you want to see more capsule wardrobe outfits, you can check the articleFew Clothes, Many Outfits, Minimal Cost- Part 1 and for more brilliance do not forget to try the automatic clothes coordination tool on our website to shine even brighter.

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