More than 15 Different Ways to Wear a Blanket Scarf | Stylorita
More than 15 Different Ways to Wear a Blanket Scarf | Stylorita

One of the most commonly used scarves is the Blanket Scarf, which since last winter has witnessed a massive increase in popularity. They are quite popular among celebrities and you may have seen your favorite celebrity wearing a blanket scarf. Well, they look elegant that’s why everyone loves to wear a blanket scarf nowadays. Now, its your time to wear a scarf over your favorite dress and show your charm.

Blanket scarves are scarves that are large enough to use as a blanket. They usually come in a big square shape, differentiating them from all the other scarves in your closet. It may seem crazy to wear a big scarf, but during the long cold winter they can be your secret weapon to resist the freezing temperatures.

The Blanket Scarf is now one of the most prominent types of winter scarves, so you should use this opportunity and learn about different ways to wear them.

15 ways to wear a Blanket Scarf

This article includes some of the styles to wear a blanket scarf in a unique and elegant way. At our website, we strongly believe the principle of continuous innovation, as the secret always lies in how to wear your clothes and not their value.

First method – wear a blanket scarf in 1 min:

One of the easiest ways to wear a blanket scarf, as it takes no longer than two minutes to wear, but provides you with a lot of much-needed warmth in the cold days.

Blanket Scarf Tutorial

The second method – The Bow

Make one end of the scarf longer than the other, then make a loop using that long end and hold it from the middle.

Then, turn the short end of it tightly from the middle, to finally make a bow. Use this different way to tie a scarf and look unique.

different way to wear a scarf

The third method – The knot:

This one is similar to the first method, where we follow all the steps of the first method and then add another tie on it in the form of a knot to get this final shape

different way to tie a scarf

Fourth method – The Braid:

This one looks completely different way to tie a scarf. Distinguish yourself from everyone around you wear your scarf this way. We are completely confident that you will blow everyone’s minds using this style.

wear a blanket scarf

Different ways to wear a Blanket Scarf

Fifth method – The belted Shawl

Place the scarf around your neck and make both its ends equal, then put your belt on it (you can refer to the article on how to put on your belt in twenty different ways). This method adds a lot of elegance to your style.

Ways to wear a balnket scarfwearing a blanket scarf differently

Different and creative ways to wear a blanket scarfCreative ways of wearing a blanket scarfdifferent ways to wearing a blanket scarf

Sixth method – wear the blanket scarf as a Vest:

The Vest method is also an innovative method, which is considered a substitute for wearing a cardigan and adds a very elegant and distinctive touch to your look.

Other ways to tie a Blanket scarf around the neck


Thus, you can enjoy a unique look every day. To shine even brighter, do not forget to try the automatic clothes coordination tool that is available on our website.