Put on your belt in twenty different ways



There is no better accessory than a belt to add a touch of elegance and distinction to your outfit. One move, connecting the belt around the waist, turns your neutral or regular outfits into stunning vibrant outfits in no time. Here are 20 innovative modern ways to tie belts around your waist:

The Bow Tie knot, you can apply it by wrapping the belt end once on the belt on both sides, as shown in the picture

The Classic knot is considered one of the easiest ways to wrap the belt. Wrap the end of the belt once after or before placing it in the buckle, and make it drop as shown in the picture to get the shape of a bow.

You can wrap the belt twice on the same side instead of once to get this shape:

Or you can wrap it twice but on two different sides to get the double knot, which is an innovative way to tie belts

You can also replace the regular belt with a satin ribbon or a distinctive chiffon, to add style and unicity to your outfit

The Spiral knot is also a unique way to tie belts. Twist the end of the belt several times over itself, and leave the end hanging, as in the picture, to get this spiral shape.

The Butterfly knot: you can apply it by wrapping the end of the belt on the side with the buckle and then wrap again, but on the other side as shown in the picture

The Hidden knot is one of the finest and simplest ways to tie belts. Tie the belt and place it in the buckle, then wrap it on the belt and insert its end in the buckle to look invisible.

The multi-roll belt. You can apply this tie when your belt is so long that you cannot tie it with a single tour. Roll it around your waist several times, then make a knot from the ones mentioned previously in this article

You can try these methods to tie your long coat belt in a unique and elegant way

You can drop leather belts by wearing a rope belts to add a bright youthful look, and you can tie it this way

In the following pictures, you will find other shapes that you can use to tie your belt in a unique and stunning way

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