10 Different Ways to Wear Shirts | Learn Cute Ways to Wear a Shirt
10 Different Ways to Wear Shirts | Learn Cute Ways to Wear a Shirt

Every woman loves elegant shirts but only few of them know about the cute ways to wear a shirt. No Woman’s wardrobe could lack shirts either if it was a businesswoman, a college girl, employee or even a student. The funny thing is that most of them wear shirts in the same classic way. Today, our working team at STYLORITA is here to tell you that you can also make use of your shirts in more fashionable way so you can always feel fresh and unique.

Today we are showing you various styles to wear shirts:


First Style – How to Wear a Shirt

Tying its lower ends together, would give a different and great look and very suitable for college girls.


Different Ways to Wear Shirts

cute way to wear shirts by Tying its lower ends together

Second Style – Wear a Woolen Garment or pullover

You can also try a woolen garment or pullover differently. Don’t limit yourself in one piece of cloth and wear it by itself, you should rather think about renewing it and wearing it in more than one way. Think about how to wear a shirt properly to look more elegant. So why don’t you trying wearing the shirt under the woolen garment as shown in the following picture? Folding the shirt’s sleeves over the woolen garment and showing its collar and lower ends with putting simple accessories would give you a great look that suits in various occasions.

Cute ways to wear a shirt

wear shirts more stylish

Learn cute way to wear shirt

Third Style – Wear Shirt Under Your Dress

You can wear a shirt under your dress instead of putting a Cardigan on it. That would help you to show all the dress’s details instead of hiding part of them by the cardigan. You should always try different ways to wear a shirt.

Fourth Style 

Just put it on unbuttoned over a nice t-shirt and enjoy a remarkable casual look.

Fifth Style – Crop Tops

Crop tops are not exclusively for those who don’t wear the hijab. Therefore, you can wear them with a long shirt and it will suit your hijab wearing too.

The Sixth Style – Wear a cardigan or Jacket

It gives you more warmth in winter. put a cardigan or jacket over the shirt and make sure to have coordinated colors. You can use our Automatic Cloths Coordinating tool available on our web site HERE.

Seventh Style – wear your shirt solely

Try it solely at home in its traditional way and enjoy an attractive and feminine look.

Eighth Style 

You can also wear a shirt at home like that, unbutton it and tie its lower ends with wearing a simple accessory and you will have a bold and attractive look.

Ninth Style – Make a Small Tie

What do you think about making a small tie like that? Unique, isn’t it?

Tenth Style – Wear a Blazer

Try to wear your shirt with a blazer, elegant pair of shoes, and proper pants, for a look that suits female employees or events .

Eleventh Style – Pictures of shirts in the classic style

You can try wearing it with pants like that, just like the classic style.

Or try it with a skirt like that.


Now you are ready to make a classy transition. In this post, we have talked about classy and cute ways to wear a shirt to make you look elegant and sophisticated. You need to follow the different ways to try a shirt so that you’ll never go out of style.