Suitable Clothes for the Banana Body Shape | rectangle body shape outfits
Suitable Clothes for the Banana Body Shape | rectangle body shape outfits

Women with a rectangular body (banana shaped) are distinguished by the fact that the width of their shoulders is exactly equal to the width of their hips, with small buttocks and breasts. They need to choose dresses that suit their body well. Before we jump into the specifics of how to choose rectangle body shape outfits, there are a few basics about rectangular body we’d like to share. These are important because they’re designed to help you know your body type well.

In general, the rectangular body (banana shaped) does not have many curves, legs and arms are slim and long, the body structure is weak, the joints are small, the chest is small… Your task here is to create curves in your body and try to highlight the waist area, especially those who have banana shaped bodies with no waist at all. This article can be a great guide to choose clothes for rectangle shaped body.

How to draw attention to the upper part of the rectangular body (banana shaped):

  • When choosing the rectangle body shape outfits, you can resort to highlight the waist area by wearing elegant belts with blouses or loose little jackets or tucking the front end of the blouses inside the pants. It’s also great to invest in buying dark belts because they give the impression of a smaller waist when worn. Generally, anything that is narrow on your waist or from under the chest to the waist will be very suitable to your body shape.


  • You can shine with confidence in open-back clothing, as these will suit you a lot. You can also wear items with details on the chest such as pockets, studs, plisses or even ruffles. These details give your breasts a fuller look. And if you want to wear a blazer, try leaving it open, as it will define your waist in a stunning way.


  • If you have a long neck, small neckline cuts, or those that are close to the end of the neck or wide cuts such as the Sabrina cut, as well as the high neck pullovers, will all be a great fit for you. As for those with a short neck, you can use the slightly wide round neckline or the V-neck, and the Sabrina as they all can fit your style perfectly.


  • Women with a rectangular body are among the girls who fit the crop top trend the most, especially tall ones.



  • Stay away from one-color dresses that are tight top-down or sticking to the body. You should also avoid vertical stripes, whether in dresses or skirts.


  • Laces and details along the shoulder area and sleeves will enhance your body’s beautiful look


How to dress rectangle body type to get curved buttocks for a banana-shaped body:

  • If you want to wear jeans, choose jeans with back pockets to form a kind of curve from the back. You can also choose loose trousers at the bottom of the knee to smoothen your body shape and highlight its beauty.


  • How to dress banana body shape to look more attractive? Focus on skirts with wrinkles, geometric shapes, layers or ruffles to enlarge your buttocks.


  • While choosing clothes for rectangle-shaped body, avoid pants with high waists because they will show that your body is slim and lacking curves.


Choosing the right accessories for a rectangle body type (banana-shaped body):

  • Accessories can add volume to your body. You can wear a large collar on your chest to enlarge the chest area as well as padded bras.


  • Colored scarves around your neck will add a beautiful curve to the upper part. Large accessories will be a great asset if you’re looking to add volume to your chest area (you can refer to our article on More than 15 different ways to wear a Blanket Scarf)


  • As for the hands or your wrist, stay away from big bracelets because these will reveal the thinness of your hand and wrist.. Wear soft and simple bracelets as they fit you best.

Pictures of rectangle body shape outfits :

Banana Shaped Body Clothing

clothes for rectangle shaped body

Dresses for rectangle body type

rectangle body shape outfits

إكسسوارات جسم المستطيل (جسم الموزة)

فساتين تناسب جسم المستطيل (جسم الموزة)

Banana shaped body clothing

Learn how to dress banana body shape

Suitable Clothes for the Banana Body Shape

جواكيت جسم المستطيل (جسم الموزة)

بلوفرات مناسبة ل جسم المستطيل (جسم الموزة)

بلوزات تناسب جسم المستطيل (جسم الموزة)

clothes for rectangle shaped body

clothes for rectangle shaped body

clothes for rectangle shaped body

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banana shape

banana shape

banana shape

banana shape

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