Suitable Clothes to the Apple Body Shape
Suitable Clothes to the Apple Body Shape



If you are a girl who has large breasts and slender, beautiful legs, and your waist is not well defined, this means that your body shape is called the Apple body shape. Every body shape has its own characteristics and silhouette, which needs to be addressed when choosing your clothes. The aim of choosing the right apple body shape outfits is to balance your shape.

What distinguishes apple body shape the most:

  • Your weight is focused on the waist area and on the chest area with broad shoulders
  • You have relatively slim legs compared to your overall body size

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How to dress for apple body shape: The upper body


– wear wide dark belts more often to add beauty to the waist (you can refer to our article on putting on your belt in twenty different ways)


-Wear blouses with patterns and drawings to draw attention to the upper area


-Wear relatively long jackets and coats to hide your abdominal defects


– You should choose loose jackets with loose shoulders and stay away from waist-tight jackets


– One of your ideal styles, the tight jacket, whose length extends a tiny bit under the waist with a wide shirt or blouse from the bottom.

This style grants you a slim waist, and don’t forget to keep the jacket open.


-Always avoid wearing clothes that reveal your waist’s details, such as light colors and horizontal striped fabrics


-Wear jackets with one row of buttons and avoid those with many buttons, or in two rows


-Wear loose silk fabrics and soft cottons more often, to hide your belly area, and to look thinner


– Go for heavy fabrics that drop off near the body without sticking to it. You can also wear smooth fabrics, but they should be loose and have a straight cut to the shoulders.


-Wear dark colored shirts and blouses to look thinner.


-Wear blouses with a centered tie, as long as they’re not tight, as the abdomen area appears thinner


-Avoid tight tops or jerseys that stick to the body, because they reveal your tummy sagging


– V-Necks and Sabrina Necks are perfect for the apple body shape. These styles add length to the upper half of the body.


– Suitable styles for the apple body shape are the upper clothes of different lengths. They would be short from the front side and long from the back side, but if you are short then you should avoid wearing too long clothes. The same style can be created by tucking the clothes inside the pants from the front or pocket or leave them hanging and long from the back, and stay away from tucking them fully in pants or pockets to avoid drawing attention to the waist.



Apple shaped body outfits: The lower body

– Wear loose leg pants at the bottom

-You should choose low-waist pants with a straight legs cut from top to bottom

-Wear” A” skirts as they slim down your waist and make it look even better

– Make sure that your skirt is simple at the waist, without any details, so that it doesn’t make you look larger, and to hide your belly area imperfections.

– Do not hesitate to wear bold skirts, to keep the eyes away from the belly area

-Also, do not forget to work on smoothing your body shape through exercises and sports that work on slimming the upper part and enlarging the lower part. They are called apple body exercises.

dresses for apple body shape

-Choose V-neck, low or wide neck dresses that turn a blind eye on the broad shoulder area.

-Empire Dresses , They define the chest area and flows straight down, they work on making your chest area look beautiful, and they also give an attractive aspect to your body details.

-Make sure to choose dresses with full circular skirts, to hide your belly area

-Stay away from bright colors, as they make you look fatter, and choose dresses with light textures

-Avoid the A-style dresses, or those that gather at the waist or abdomen and make them look larger than they originally are

Pictures of apple body shape clothes:


Apple body shape clothing for winter

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Outfits for Apple Body Shape

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