For skinny Girls: Learn how to choose clothes that make you look chubbier



We are offering you some tricks that will help you choose your clothes so you can get rid of your skinny look and enjoy a more feminine one. We will show you different examples for both hijab and non-hijab clothes for skinny body shape. But firstly, we recommend you to read the article about your body shape and the suitable clothes for it so that this article would be complementary to the previous one.

The suitable clothes for pear-shaped body, with pictures

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The suitable clothes for Rectangular (banana)-shaped body, with pictures

Choose light- colored clothes like white, yellow, baby blue and pink with big prints, as they play a great role in showing your body in a chubbier and attractive appearance. Avoid wearing dark colors like black and dark blue as they make you look skinnier.

Wear cloth with close broad stripes to give your body a chubby look.

ملابس محجبات للجسم النحيف - النحافة

ملابس محجبات للجسم النحيف - النحافة

Dresses are suitable for the skinny body as they provide a more feminine and attractive look and divert attention from your skinny body.

ملابس محجبات للجسم النحيف - النحافة

ملابس محجبات للجسم النحيف - النحافة

Wide-cut skirts give you a fictitious double size, especially with a chunky belt.


تنورات ملابس محجبات للجسم النحيف - النحافة

التنورات تعتبر ملابس محجبات للجسم النحيف - النحافة

التنورات تعتبر ملابس محجبات للجسم النحيف - النحافة

A shirt or a blouse with a short jacket is one of the most suitable outfits for skinny girls as it gives a great look with agile and glamorous body shape.

Adopt a multi-layered style. For example, start with a light color top then an unbuttoned-shirt and a long jacket over them. Multi-layers clothes hide a great deal of the body shape and give a sense of being chunky.

Pleated and baggy Skirts would be great with your body shape. So, make sure you wear them.

Boyfriend jeans pants with their distinctive baggy cut are a perfect choice for you. But if you prefer wearing slim-fit or skinny jeans, it’s recommended to wear an upper baggy piece to create balance in your look.

Chose clothes with the right size. Don’t choose oversized or tight clothes.

Wear Push-up bras as they provide you with a chubby breast look and highlight your femininity.

Choose light-colored pants to have great hips

Detailed sweaters full of paints and big prints are the best type of cloths to cover your skinny-shaped body and give you perfect and attractive body shape.

Choose thick fabrics like jeans and linen and avoid chiffon and silk fabrics in your cloth.

Wear a chunky belt around your waist. It’s an easy trick to show your waist and draw attention to it rather than the skinny parts of your body (You can use this article about wear your belt in 20 different ways)

Don’t also forget to try our automatic Cloths Coordination tool HERE to be a fashion icon.


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